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Robyn and Kevin Jowell: Combining health and fitness to be fit for life!
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Fit for life with Shaklee!

RobynA Shaklee Family! 

From a young age Shaklee has been a part of my life! One of my uncles was a Shaklee distributor and had great success sharing a great product. He had great success simply because even 30 years ago Shaklee developed, distributed and believed in the healthy nature of their products!

As a family, we have a history with Shaklee that flows back over 30 years and I am excited to be able to share that history, knowledge and passion with you!!

 As a Physical Education teacher, a coach of Track and Field as well as Cross  Country, I have first hand professional experience with nutrition and its affects  of the human form. Today, more than ever, there is a growing need for physical fitness. And even more importantly,  there is a growing need for people to invest in themselves by investing time in investigating the foods they eat and the drinks they ingest.

Our busy, fast-paced life trying to get everything done in one moment does not lend itself to taking the time to create healthy meals, to sit around the table, to degas from the day. Pause. Breathe. 




My son Dylan:


 Dylan is an active 12 year old working through 6th Grade, quickly on his way to college! At least he seems to be growing that quickly!


Outside of his normally busy school day, Dylan plays lacrosse (all positions including Goalie) and also wrestles at our local Renzo Gracie school.


From an early age he has understood the importance of nutrition and physical activity, and has always been willing to try new foods. This made life easier and more enjoyable for us as we traveled the Meditarranean in 2012! 


Dylan plays a key role in our Shaklee family!


We practice what we preach. And it shows.



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